Gold Coast iPhone Repairs

On-site iPhone screen repairs, all models

Gold Coast iPhone Repairs – At Gold Coast iPhone Repairs we understand that your iPhone is probably your most cherished possession when it comes to your personal devices.  If it does unfortunately break, don’t panic too much!  We can repair almost any iPhone problem known with careful precission and expert know-how.  And to top that off, most iPhone repairs can be completed by us within half an hour with all of the common iPhone components in stock everyday for a super fast turnaround.

All our iPhone repairs are guaranteed and we have a technician on site, all day everyday to make sure we can repair your phone as fast as possible!  Yes we are open Sunday’s as well 🙂

iPhone’s are probably the most common phone owned by Australians and as such there are a lot of in-experienced “phone repairers” out there doing shoddy, hap-hazard repair work on iPhone’s without any proper electronics training.  Our technicians have years of technical experience (some more than a decade) repairing all sorts of electronics including phones, tablets, portable speakers, etc… Don’t be fooled by a cheap price if you know the person is probably under-qualified!  Let us assess your iPhone’s condition properly and give you upfront, honest advice and quotation, before you decide to repair your handset.

Permanent Price Drop on all iphone Screen Repairs!!!

Come in today and save!! Thanks to the success of our recent special offer on iPhone repairs we have decided to continue these prices permanently!! And to top it off, we are offering a FREE Tempered Glass Screen Protector if you mention this advertisement! Call us now on 0755389223 or contact us via email to ensure you get your free glass protector today!

Gold Coast iPhone Repairs – Inspections & Damage / Cost Reporting

We can, for a small fee, arrange a quotation or report for your insurance company if your phone is beyond repair. This fee can also be claimed back from your insurance, so effectively costs you nothing. Please call us on 07 5538 9223 to arrange the report, and we can discuss the details and condition of your phone in advance.

We are the Gold Coasts number one repairer of iPhone Screens – OVER 14000 REPAIRS SINCE 2008. We use genuine or the highest grade OEM parts and also make sure that all of our work is guaranteed. As such, it is recommended that you be able to leave your iPhone with us for a period of at least 2 hours, so that we can make sure your repair is 100% final. In most cases, 20 mins is all that’s required to complete most iPhone repairs, but it is better to be prepared just in case your phone issue is more complicated than first thought. Some cheaper repairers can be careless and leave your phone with hidden issues that show up 3-4 months down the track when their guarantees have run out. Remember, if they take your phone without taking the time to test it BEFORE starting repair then you have no proof that your phone was working! WE TEST EVERYTHING prior to repair and we are the ONLY shop on the Gold Coast that logs your repair electronically for future reference! You have a shopfront to return to if you need help or have an issue. We are NOT a fly by night business looking to cash in on the IPHONE fad.

BEWARE CHEAP ON THE SPOT REPAIRS – PAY CHEAP, PAY TWICE (all of our repairs are guaranteed)

We are the number 1 re-repairer of phones that have been tampered with by other “repair shops”. If you have had your phone repaired elsewhere and are having issues with no backup from that company, come and see us with your invoice, and we will repair your phone PROPERLY for the same price you have paid elsewhere –GUARANTEED !

We do offer loan phones on a case by case basis, if we have some available – these are FREE OF CHARGE.

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