Gold Coast Screen Repairs

On-site screen repairs, all makes and models

Gold Coast Screen Repairs – All types of screens repaired – FAST!!!  Most screen repairs take around 15 minutes and all repairs are gauranteed… Broken screens are an unfortunate part of modern life!  Dropping your phone is easy, and now – repairing your phone is easy too!  Unlike other phone shops, we always carry a large range of phone screens on hand – all day, everyday!  Whether your phone is an Apple, Samsung, HTC, SONY, LG, etc – we keep all popular screens in stock.  So don’t wait a week somewhere else, come to us and get it done on the spot!


Huge range of protective cases

Not only are we the best and fastest choice for your screen repair, unlike alot of other shops we can also offer you a HUGE range of protective cases and accessories to prevent your screen from breaking a second time!  After all, if it happened once, what’s to stop it happening again?  A protective case – that is what!  So take a look at the diverse variety of cases we have available before you leave!

We offer the best advice when picking your phone protection based on countless years of experience in the mobile phone industry.  If you would like to know more about how to choose the best case for your needs then please read this article which can explain in detail what to look for:

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