We may still be able to fix your device

Turn off your device! In many circumstances we are able to restore your data and have your phone working again.

Water Damage Phone Repairs Gold Coast

We are constantly asked by customers about repairing phones that have been wet.

In certain circumstances, parts of your phone can be repaired or replaced and you may get some more life out of it. The damage to your phone can be reliant on whether it has been in saltwater or freshwater.

Always be as honest as possible when talking to our technicians about how wet it got, it gives us the best chance of reviving your phone.

As soon as your phone is wet, do the following:

  • Do NOT try and turn it on
  • Come into our store and buy an “Emergency Drying Kit” (around $20)
  • Leave the phone for a minimum of 48 hours in the drying kit
  • Come back and let us assess the phone for you.

Whilst we can try our very best to get you up and going again, when water damage has occurred, we give absolutely no long term warranty on the phone continuing to work.

The best way to prevent total data loss if to always make sure your data on your phone is backed up. Do it EVERY MONTH and then if you do suffer water damage, at least you can get up and running again very quickly.

WE ALSO SELL WATERPROOF CASES – Come and have a look

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